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Joewell FX Pro 40 (Thinning scissors 5,5" / 40 teeth)

FX Pro-40

Art.Nr.:  0192

EAN:     4038774001929

Joewell FX Pro 40 (Modellierschere 6,0” / 40 Zähne)

Advantages & Description:

  • Handle with specially balanced design,ergonomic shape for relaxed working
  • Bearing screw for easiest handling
  • Individually adjustable screw system (with a special key)
  • Comfort stopper
  • 3-D-Style handle
  • 40 teeth, size: 6
  • More free space between the teeth due to wider blade
  • The hair is not caught!
  • The handle is more massive handle and effects less vibrations while cutting. So more powerful cutting is possible