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Grinding service

The HAARO grinding service is carried out by experienced, competent and specialized specialists.
Please give the grinding scissors to your dealer / representative with the note "Haaro grinding service" or send the grinding scissors directly 
(please pack them securely) to the following address:

Nümmener Str. 17
42653 Solingen

Grind prices:

Special grinding 1: € 22,90 + VAT.
Joewell Classic, Classic Pro, New Era, Young Line, Tigers Eye, C-One, e-kwip Serie

Special grinding 2: € 27,90 + VAT.
Joewell Cobalt, NCB, JPC, iF, FX, FX Pro, Convex, GX, TR, SR, NB, FC, TX, E-Serie

Third party products: Cobalt (other cobalt scissors) + others
Premium Hamaguri grinding: € 34,90 + VAT.

Standard grinding: € 15,90 + VAT. / third party products