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Product knowlegde

1) How long does the scissors stay sharp? How long is the life of the scissors?
As a rule, it is said that the lifespan of cobalt scissors is even longer than that of stainless steel scissors.
However, the lifespan of the extremely high quality stainless steel is now just as long.

Rule of thumb: You should be able to cut with a good pair of scissors for 1.5 to 2 years until the first sanding.
However, this period is dependent on various influences (care of the scissors, frequency of use
and above all the pressure with which a hairdresser opens and closes the cutting edges. If the pressure is too high, the wear is
Due to these different influences, the manufacturer cannot give any time guarantees.
There are just as many customers who use Joewell scissors for significantly longer than 2 years (without regrinding).
2) What are the degrees of hardness of the scissors?
Rockwell values ​​(unit of measurement for determining the degrees of hardness) for Joewell scissors: The Joewell stainless steel scissors have
a Rockwell value of approx. 62-63. For cobalt scissors, the value is approx. 57-59.
3) Nickel problem
Nickel content at Joewell: less than 0.6%. Every stainless steel pair of scissors in the world contains traces of nickel,
therefore stainless steel scissors can never be "nickel free". Joewell scissors are "low in nickel".

Recommendation for people with nickel allergies: All titanium-coated scissors such as Joewell Supreme, Titan R, Black Crest,
Black titanium; Particularly recommended because of the additional rubber coating on the handle: Titan R and Black Crest
4) Can I slice with the scissors?
All Joewell and e-kwip scissors are serrated and suitable for slicing. Particularly suitable for wet hair.
5) Are the scissors serrated (micro-serration)?
All Joewell and e-kwip scissors are toothless. (Attention: please do not confuse micro-toothing with the teeth of a modeling scissors!)
6) What is the advantage / disadvantage of toothed scissors?
The hair is held by teeth (micro-teeth) on the cut edge and not pushed forward.
However, you cannot slice with serrated scissors. High quality scissors are never serrated because of the hair
can only be held due to the sharpness of the blade and should therefore not push.
7) Why aren't Joewell scissors toothed?
High quality scissors are never serrated because the hair is held solely by the sharpness of the blade
can and should not push.
8) What is special about Joewell scissors?
With regard to the three core components of scissors, Joewell is characterized by the highest quality:
Material: The Japanese stainless steel used for Joewell scissors (as well as the cobalt used) is one of the most popular
best suited in the world and has the necessary degrees of hardness. Good material is a prerequisite for longevity.

Cut: Joewell scissors are subject to a state-of-the-art grinding process that ensures unique sharpness.

Adjustment: The decisive criterion for the quality of a pair of scissors in addition to material and cut is its processing or adjustment.
The cutting edges must be optimally coordinated with one another and consistently lie precisely on one another
(otherwise a pair of scissors will push or bend the hair). Joewell attaches particular importance to this time-consuming process because
The advantages of the high-quality material and the extraordinary cut can only be shown to advantage with optimal adjustment.
9) Do the scissors have a hollow grinding?
All Joewell and e-kwip scissors are hollow ground

10) Blade shapes
11) Handle
Symmetrical handle
Ergonomic, offset handle
Semi-offset handle

The ergonomic handle position enables a much more relaxed hand position. It has been proven to be joints
and muscles are spared. Many hairdressers Hairdressers, especially in Europe, prefer the compromise between
classic (symmetrical) and ergonomic (offset) handle shape. The semi-offset handle is characterized by only light
offset scissor eyes. The handles of the Joewell are made of the highest quality stainless steel with a low nickel content
manufactured, which is particularly advantageous for hairdressers with nickel allergy.

12) screw
Precision slotted screw: The correct setting of the screw optimizes the cutting action when opening and closing.
The edges are protected and remain sharp for longer. The possibility of adjustment, which is ensured by the slot in the screw, is therefore of enormous importance

Tension screw: The tension adjustment screw represents a technical subtlety and offers the possibility
individual regulation and stabilization

Slide bearing screw system: The slide bearing screw system ensures easier opening and closing of the scissors
at the same time better power transmission. The plain bearing
is lighter, thinner and maintenance free
13) Finger ring
Finger rings are available for all models and can always be attached and removed.
14) Removable finger hook
The scissors can be used with or without a finger hook. The finger hook is against with an additional plastic ring
secured unwanted loosening.
15) Serial number
Each individual Joewell pair of scissors is provided with a registration number, which enables even more individual customer service.
16) What is the advantage of ergonomic, offset handles?
Ergonomic models (with an offset handle) have been proven to be “more body-friendly” in the long run because of the changed handle position
Protects muscles and tendons. However, there are many customers in Germany in particular who prefer the symmetrical shape,
because they have coped very well with it for years. If a customer is interested in ergonomic scissors and has doubts
Experience has shown that it can change over, as a rule the changeover can be carried out without any problems within a few days.
17) What is the advantage of the movable thumb ring?
The natural movement of the thumb is supported by the movable thumb ring. You can put the thumb ring in
a specific position that is comfortable for the hairdresser, fix it or leave it completely loosely screwed so that the thumb ring
performs the rotary movements when cutting.
18) Scissor sizes
The optimal scissor size is determined not only by the hand size of the hairdresser, but primarily by the cutting technique,
for which it should be used. Smaller sizes are particularly suitable for detail cuts where the hair is held with the fingers.
Larger scissors are ideal if you want to cut over the comb and change large batches.
19) Which sizes are the most common?
The most common sizes are 5 ", 5.5" and 6 "(in a ratio of 25% to 60% to 15%)
20) Difference between thinning scissors and modeling scissors
The term is often mixed up:
Modeling scissors: a serrated edge, a normal edge
Thinning scissors: both cutting edges serrated
21) Modeling scissors
The quality of the cut in this type of scissors is significantly influenced by the precision with which the prism - a small notch,
which prevents the hair from slipping out of the cut area - is attached to the tooth tip.
Common sources of error:
Pulling the hair out at the wrong angle.
The hairdresser often complains that a pair of scissors "breaks". A frequent cause for this is that the scissors in the
closed condition is pulled out of the hair at the wrong angle. It is therefore important to ensure that the scissors
is not pulled out of the hair too diagonally.
The screw is too loose:
With modeling scissors, care must be taken that the individually adjustable screws are not set too loosely. Although is at
very loose adjustment of the screw the scissors very smoothly, but there is a risk that the two blade blades
tilt (especially if the hairdresser puts great pressure on the blades). Consequences for modeling scissors: the serrated cutting edge
can damage the smooth edge, there are notches on the smooth edge, the scissors "hook".
22) What distinguishes e-kwip scissors?
High quality stainless steel scissors, very good price-performance ratio, a quality level under Joewell, but very moderate price
- Smooth walking and extreme sharpness
- hollow grinding
- Many models with an ergonomic, offset handle (except CT 35), this makes a relaxed work posture and muscle-friendly
  Cutting guaranteed
- Individually adjustable set screw
- Unscrewable finger hooks
- Delivery in box with oil pen and 2 pairs of finger rings (black and colored)
23) What are the advantages of scissors “e-kwip carving” (curved cutting)
When punching with the »carving« rounded zigzag lines are created and thus shapes with more movement.
In addition, there is less risk of cutting yourself and you can work faster.

Slicing in the held passée:
The scissors shape creates a curve when slicing, which makes the shape softer.

Contour cutting:
Contours, especially around the ear, can be cut easily. The scissors create in the pony area
automatically a rounded shape

Slicing over the comb:
The curved shape of the scissors makes the slicing movement easier for the wrist. The hand doesn't have to be bent so much
which makes working more pleasant

Freehand slicing:
You can now go straight into the hair with the scissors. The arch is created automatically by the curvature of the blade
24) What is special about the “e-kwip TexCut” scissors?
TexCut technology:
The new all-round technology! Pointing, slicing, fringing or graduating! With TexCut you can do all operations with just one
a tool. Also ideal e.g.

to finish women's and men's haircuts.

There are 3 ways to use TexCut:
Only cut with the smooth surface in the front area: slicing, grading
Cutting only with a toothed area: thinning, thinning, fraying
Cutting with the entire blade: punch lines with extreme structural effects
25) What does a good pair of hair scissors cost?
No question is asked more often, no question is more difficult to answer ... There are 2 reasons for not having one
can give a general answer.
The demands of each individual hairdresser are different. A pair of hair scissors that the first hairdresser feels comfortable with,
may seem completely unacceptable to the second hairdresser.
For this purpose, the decisive quality criteria of hair scissors (sharpness, durability, adjustment of the blades) cannot be measured in clear units. In addition, there is the problem that a hairdresser at the time of purchase cannot see the longevity of a pair of hair scissors (how long a pair of scissors stays sharp). So he has to rely on experience, his own or that of colleagues or representatives.
The price range for hair scissors is extremely wide, the cheapest scissors are available from approx. € 20, -, the most expensive scissors cost well over € 1000, -.
An attempt to classify: The following classification is not general and only serves as a rough guide, the hair scissors mentioned as examples are recruited from the pool of scissors from the two brands Joewell and e-kwip.
Type 1:
Beginners (in the first two years of apprenticeship) Recommend a pair of scissors worth between € 50 and € 100. Many manufacturers offer
affordable starter sets, which include cutting scissors and modeling scissors to get you started.
Example: e-kwip Swing Set, e-kwip Starter Set 2.0
Type 2:
Advanced (from the 3rd year of apprenticeship)
Recommended scissors worth between € 80 and € 160
Example: e-kwip EOP
Type 3:
Professional hairdresser with high demands
Recommendation of scissors worth between € 150 and € 400
Example: Joewell FX Pro
Type 4:
Professional hairdresser with the highest standards
Recommendation of scissors worth between € 350 and € 800
Example: Joewell Black Crest

Usage and care instruction

- Store scissors in a separate storage case so that they cannot can’t be chipped
- Scissors should only cut hair, best freshly washed.
- Scissors are set at the factory for the best possible "tension"
- Scissors can become loosed during use, then can be carefully tightened. Tightening should be made
  without use of force and usually turning the screw only couple of millimetres is necessary
- To tighten the scissors, add a drop of oil to the screw, between  the blades.
- Scissors should not be loosened. The scissors' blades are not straight, but a little convex.
  There is some air between the blades if viewed against the light.
  If the scissors are loosened, they may start to stick together, and no longer cut.
- Scissors must not be dropped. Their surface tension suffers and falling can also cause cracking of the blades
- Scissors are at their best when they have been in use for some time and have been shaped by the user's unique style.
  This is why scissors are personal and should not be lent to others.

So that you can enjoy your Joewell scissors for a long time, we have a short video 
to show you a few small steps on, how to disinfect your scissors and 
clean and maintain at the same time.

How do desinfect your scissors