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Joewell Concave Cobalt CC 525F (Hairdressing scissors 5,25")

CC 525F

Art.Nr.:  0188

EAN:     4038774001882

Joewell Concave Cobalt CC 525F (Haarschere 5,25”)

Advantages & Description:

  • special price 169 €

  • 10 years free repair and grinding service
  • BLADE: The new Concave shape blade with a keen edge achieves a sharp cutting performance.The new Concave Cobalt scissors will cut hairvery well with less effort, because the cutting load is lower than existing scissors.= Minimum efforts while cutting because of new Concave blade
  • MATERIAL:A combination of Cobalt Base Alloy CBA-12 and Stainless Alloy creates the long-lasting blade. By using the blade material which differsto the inside (moving blade = Stainless Alloy) and outside (still blade = Cobalt Base Alloy CBA-12),the edges will not nick so easily.= Extremely improved durability and resistance due to the combination of CBA 12 Cobalt and japanese “Supreme stainless steel
  • HANDLE:Design: Semi-Offset HandleFinish: Blast process finish on handles helps displace moisture for hands.Material: Nickel-less handle (less than 0.6%) to ensure against metal (nickel) allergies
  • SCREW:New flat adjustable screw (*A special tool to make minute adjustment of screw comes with scissors.)