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Joewell Titan TR 575 (Hairdressing scissors 5,75")

TR 575

Art.Nr.:  0136

EAN:     4038774001363

Joewell Titan TR 575 (Haarschere 5,75”)

Advantages & Description:

  • The handle is coated with Titanium and Rubber
  • This makes it smooth to the touch
  • Because of the coating of thehandle, it is recommended for hairdressers that sometime sufferfrom allergic reactions
  • Designed with a semi-offset handle that is between the symmetric and the offset handle. It is easy and comfortable to use
  • Blades made from a Supreme Stainless Alloy with titanium coating
  • Optical highlight due to blue titanium colour
  • Black Precision Flat Screw (adjustable with a coin)
  • Removable finger rest (also coated with Titanium and Rubber)
  • Dark blue screw-on stopper
  • With oilstick and two pairs of fingerrings