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Joewell Black Crest BC 40 (Thinning scissors 5,5" / 40 teeth)

BC 40

Art.Nr.:  01962

EAN:     4038774019627

Joewell Black Crest BC 40 (Modellierschere 5,5” / 40 Zähne)

Advantages & Description:

  • Ergonomic shape for maximum relief of muscles, tendons and hinges and natural movement
  • Black titanium coating
  • Soft touch coating of the handle (comfortable grip and protection against (nickel) allergies)
  • Silver
  • Dry bearing screw system for smoothest cutting
  • Supreme Japan Stainless Alloy (Highest available stainless steel material)
  • 10 years free of charge sharpening and repair service. Whenever and as often you like! 

“Double blade” system: 

  • Sword blade on the top, Convex Pro blade at the bottom
  • Sword blade for extra powerful cutting
  • Bigger diameter of the blades leads to higher stability, balance and cutting security
  • Special Joewell grinding technique of the cutting edge for razor sharp cutting
  • Hand finished cutting edges
  • All in all the “Double blade” system ensures best possible sharpness, cutting precision and power transformation