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Feather TH Blades (10 pcs.)

Art.Nr.:  1303

EAN:     4902470277004

Feather Klingen TH (10 Stück)

Advantages & Description:

  • 30 % cutting ratio
  • Extreme sharpness: Stainless steel blade with cutting edge in platinum hardened, coated with teflon. Scientifically designed specially to cut hair cleanly without gouging or clicing (no split ends or frizzies)
  • Safety: Blade guard protects stylist and client, eliminates unnecessary blade exposure
  • Versatility: Thinning, shaving and much more
  • In combination with the regular blade, even more flexible creative techniques (slicing, punching, thinning) are possible
  • Hygienics: Razor blade change without direct contact using the collecting container for used blades
  • Also available as regular blade (60 % cutting ratio) or Rapid Cut (84 % cutting ratio)