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Y.S. Park

“Y.S. Park“ – the cool brand from Japan

Y.S. Park products have highest quality and functionality. Each product has its sense – and in addition “a touch” of extravagance and uniqueness!

Advantages of the “Y.S. Park“ combs:

Nearly unbreakable
Made of Ultem-plastic (apart from tint combs), very flexible, but also solid

Extraordinary design
Tasteful, extraordinary design, noble colours – more than just a tool…

Rougher back and hand-touched areas offer convenient and safe grip as well as thickened back of some combs.

Parting head Each
Y.S. Park comb has a parting head (second tooth is shorter).

The “integrated tapeline”
The hole structure at the back of the combs helps when measuring resp.judging lengthes. The distances of 1 cm ensure quick measure orientation.

Heat-resistance Y.S. Park combs are heat resistant up to 220° C.

Round teeth (see picture 1 below)
Some “Y.S. Park” combs have totally rounded teeth. Due to the round teeth, the comb glides through the hair with even less resistance. Especially when colouring, less colour is “squeezed out”. Generally, even combing and as a result even cutting is optimized

GDP (see picture 2 below)
(Even tension = Even combing) While combing, the tension at the bottom of the comb (where the hand holds the comb) is higher than at the top. In order to achieve even tension and therefore even combing, the distance between the teeth becomes slightly smaller from bottom to top. (The human eye does not catch that difference.) These combs are marked with the expression “GDP”(gradually decreasing pitch)

Advantages of the “Y.S. Park“ brushes:

  • Highest material quality (beechwood)
  • Superlight weight
  • Perfect handling and dry hands due to airholes in the handle)
  • Air-channel-system)
  • Boar bristles for perfect hold)
  • Polymide and nylon bristles straighten the hair)
  • Y.S.Park