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With 5α Avocuta for the natural regulation of sebum production against

  • Dandruff
  • Scalp irritation
  • Hairloss tendency
  • Psoriasis

With pure natural extracts and free of chemical additives, color and preservatives.

Starting in Summer 2017 AROMASE SALON- PRO will be sold as salon-exclusiv premium line through beauty salons only. AROMASE SALON-PRO offers a highly effective solution of all scalp problems combined with a unique wellness experience.

  1. For Dandruff, greasy hair and -scalp, Hairloss
    ► 5α Avocuta combats excessive sebum secretion and reduces greasy appearance.

  2. Against Itchy skin, and Skin Irritations
    ► 3% Glycyrrhetinic acid complex with anti-inflamamtory effect and soothes skin irritations

  3. Natural Scalp relaxation and -wellness
    ► Through natural extracts from juniper, ginger, aloe vera, etc.

The Manufacturer: For more than 60 years and 3 generations, Macrohi Ltd., in Taiwan researches and develops natural based solutions to cure scalp and hair problems.

Philosophy: Carfully Obeserve the needs – actively solve the problem. Scalp can return to its original health state. Scalp can be self-generated and self-repaired. AROMASE products enhance the self-protect mechanism. Only natural products, free from chemical preservatives.

Idea: Most scalp problems are caused by excessive sebum production. Aside from this, it may cause scalp problems such as irritation, inflammation, hair-loss and dandruff.

Honours: AROMASE products are sold very successfully in the beauty business. Also marketed in 50 large hospitals and 300 dermatology clinics. AROMASE is also distributed in more than 1,200 drug stores and beauty shops in Taiwan.

Aromase 5 alpha Repair Liquid Shampoo 80ml
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