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What makes the KONAYUKI scissors special?

The Japanese Steels (from Hitatachi metals)
• STEELS FOR HIGH QUALITY BLADES” Hitachi YSS steels are used..These are ATS314 and SUS 440C

The Black Smith Technique from Sanjo History
• KONAYUKI scissors are made using forging technique. Therefore, they are very strong as Japanese traditional cutlery

The Craftsman Skills for Finishing scissors.
• The craftsman is adjusting and making curve and twists from the hammer one by one. These are the hand craft works

Japanese Steels
• Iron-making technique of Japan is old, and is in record of the government of those days in 670. The method of traditional iron-making technique called “Tatara”. “Tatara“ is technique which carries out oxidation-reduction of the sand iron, and makes iron ingots. This iron ingot has very high purity. The famous places of production of edged tools are two places, Germany and Japan in the world. It is one of the reasons that this was able to take high-quality sand iron in Japan

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